Flight Cover for Hightech Cello Case 1002H

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Flight Cover for Hightech Cello Case 1002H

*Due to limited inventory, we at Princeton Violins ask that you call us at (609) 683-0005 or e-mail us at for price inquiries and to place orders. Please be aware that shipping time can last up to several weeks. However, if you have to wait and pre-pay your case, we will issue you a $100 gift certificate toward a purchase of any instrument in our shop. Thank you!*

Flight cover for cello case increasing protection of the instrument while traveling by plane.

Trick: Fit the cello case, head first in the Flight Cover, zip around the head, adjust the bottom of the case inside the Flight Cover and zip around the bottom part, the zipper pulls meet in the middle.

Inside Features : 
  • Extrathick layer of high density polyurethane foam injected around a mold taking on the shape of the cello case and protecting it against shocks
  • Designed to fit all Bam cello cases
Outside Features : 
  • Outside shell made of shockabsorbing and extremely strong elastomer ABS, assembled with a strong nylon fabric strip
  • Heavyduty wheels for easy movement
  • 3 removable handles around the neck
  • Zipper
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