Raffaele Antonio Gagliano 1836 3/4 Size (SOLD)

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Raffaele Antonio Gagliano 1836 3/4 Size (SOLD)

Concert level 3/4 violin lab. Raffaele Antonio Gagliano 1836, LOB 335mm. This is the best 3/4 size violin I have ever seen. There is no difference in sound quality and volume between this and $50,000.00 full size violin. This instrument was on loan to a very successful musician. I will sell it only on the condition that it will be traded back to me. I have a 7 year old son who plays 1/4 size at the moment, and I want this violin for him when he is of age. This is an appropriate instrument for a child performing in concerts with an orchestra. This violin is that good. 

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