Bianchi Modern Italian Violin

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Bianchi Modern Italian Violin

UB 165mm

LB 205mm

LOB 354mm

This is a wonderful modern Italian violin made in an atelier of Bianchi in Nice. This instrument is original in all parts and Bianchi was a very good maker with a good reputation.

It has one scratch on the back, but other than that the varnish is intact. The top is medium-grain spruce, and the 2 piece back is maple, along with the scroll and ribs. The varnish is a lovely red-brown. 

With both bright and dark timbres, it has a very powerful, penetrating sound with wonderful texture and quality. It is very vibrant and ringing, with a huge sound. It has an incredible tenor-like G string that reminds me of the voice of Jose Carreras.

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