How to tell a real Stradivarius violin?

How to tell a real Stradivarius violin?

Posted by Jarek Powichrowski on 9th Dec 2015

Every week I find myself working with clients with the hope that they have found a genuine Stradivarius violin. They seek my expert advice, and ask me to help them understand what they have really … read more

That Troublesome E String on your Violin

Posted by Jarek Powichrowski on 4th Jun 2014

In our quest for optimum sound quality from our violins it seems that the E and G strings are the hardest to manage. E strings tend to whistle and G strings tend to buzz. Let's talk about that annoyin … read more

Does your violin play like a Stradivarius?

12th Jul 2013

All fine violins can have some elements of the sound, and certainly all of the playability, attributed to the best instruments made by world famous makers such as Antonio Stradivari.Most violinists dr … read more


11th Jul 2013

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