SOLD - Violin by Charles Enel Paris ca.1920 SOLD

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SOLD - Violin by Charles Enel Paris ca.1920 SOLD

Made circa 1920 by Charles Enel in Paris. LOB 357. It is branded with number 63 under end the button on the rib.

Labeled as Johannes Gagliano, it is actually a copy likely commissioned by a collector.  It also sounds like a Gagliano - a true "Old Italian" sound.  It is in fanatastic condition with no cracks whatsoever.

Enel apprenticed with Grillon and Gustave Bazin.  He worked in ateliers in Mougenot and Deroux, though he was originally from Mirecourt.  He also studied and worked in Switzerland and Germany, and finally with Silvestre and Maucotel in Paris.  He established his workshop in Paris partnered with Felix Bollecker.  His instruments are beautifully designed with his workmanship elliciting perfection.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, but beautiful to play.

Maker information from Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow Makers by William Henley, 1973, 1997 reprint.