Viola by Vincent Jamin Cremona 2013


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Viola by Vincent Jamin Cremona 2013

LOB 15 15/16 " 405mm

UB 190mm

LB 240mm

Contemporary viola, made in 2013 by Vincent Jamin, in Cremona, Italy.

Vincent is a long-time friend, we studied together in Cremona under the same teacher. I know more about his work than most dealers because of our long friendship.

This instrument is made from a medium-grain spruce top, 2 piece maple back, as well as maple scroll and ribs. Varnish is a very eye-catching orange-red. Incredibly translucent. Vincent uses a rare alcohol-oil varnish. It is done by oxidizing and aging oil for a long time, and then dissolving it in alcohol. The result is a strong, clean varnish.

This viola has a bright, vibrant sound that responds with good resonance. It also responds very well to fast passages as well as creating a rich, beautiful sound in slow, moving music. It has a very versatile sound.