Princeton Violins Virtuoso Outfit

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Princeton Violins Virtuoso Outfit

LOB: 755mm, 4/4 size. It looks like a French cello from the early 1900s. It has gorgeous wood and varnish, and magnificent, very deep and penetrating sound. These cellos come with a hard case, a good wooden bow, high quality strings, Belgian bridge, and also a second bridge that we will cut free of charge at the time it will be needed. It also includes one year of free service and sound post adjustment. It is a very attractive instrument for an incredible price that you can acquire in our store, also on very favorable terms. With a 30% down payment you can finance most of the value with 0% interest for up to two years. This is probably the best deal of all the string instruments in the country. This is very high quality workmanship, comparable to other cellos of much higher value.

100% refund guarantee up to 14 days after purchase